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My escort journal

Living in London has always been my dream. I moved to London about five years ago and was quite excited about being an escort. I get to meet new people, have fun, and get spoiled at token. Once I moved to London, I wasn’t sure about where to start, but I had heard about agencies that recruit busty ladies like me. I made an online search and found a few options that fit perfectly. Since I was looking for absolute privacy and an agency that would assure me of my well-being, I choose Cleopatra Escorts. Ever since it has been fantastic for me, and I never regret the decision I made.

January 29th, 2019

My first day as an escort. I am tensed and anxious as for my first hook up. It’s an exciting thrill but still not sure if I will have a good time. A Swedish businessman asked me out for a date in a members club. Hold on, and I have to dress to kill tonight. It’s been a long since I went on a date. Ooops, and getting paid for this one. Excited about it and looking forward to making sure he has a good time. A dress with a long cleavage will be a perfect choice. I have to make him want me yet still have a good time. My red long slit dress is an ideal bid on this one, and since it’s my first date, I have to make sure I impress for a better review on my profile……….

The date was lovely had a good time. I was certainly dressed for the occasion, and the gentleman liked my company. He said I was at the party. He asked me out for a night and had to confirm with my agency first if I am allowed to since I wasn’t sure about the terms. They agreed to it at a reasonable charge and commission, which I was okay with also. I was tipped extra hard too.

March 19th, 2019

Today was an unforgettable experience for me. I had one of the best days of being an escort. My agency asked me to care for a lonely dude asking for good company and a sensation massage, which I am perfect at. It was amazing how much the guy opened up to me, and I listened without judging him. He had a lot in his head and certainly was worth letting go. He asked me not to judge him, which I did not since its part of my job. However, I did pity him for a moment, and we talked quite a lot about what he was going through but always let him speak as much as he could to let go. After the chat, he needed a sensation massage, which he said would help him ease up. I was happy to help him out, and he did not ease up only but got horny, which was quite funny…My bad.

November 5th, 2019

A busty babe like me has to go for some shopping. Today was the day. I got a referral client from a soul I love from the escort who is also in the profession. She had a client who loves busty ladies who are curvy like I am. She referred me through the agency and was a total turn up for me. I never expected the day to be as perfect as it was because I thought this was only a mere treat. However, that was not the case. The date certainly outdid himself from the rest I have ever had on a shopping request hire. I had lots of top designer bags bought for me, and I was quite happy about it. He paid for an uber back home after the treat, which is quite a mature gentleman stunt I will never forget.

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